About Canara Orthopaedic Society (R)

The Canara orthopaedic society was established in 1990 has grown by leaps and bound to become a vibrant society with more than 280 members comprising of orthopaedic consultants hailing from the district of South Canara, including the neighboring districts of Udupi and Kasargod. It has a healthy representation of orthopaedic surgeons from various parts of India and a few who are residing in other parts of world giving a rich milieu of experience, knowledge and a vibrant outlook

The Canara Orthopedic Society offers the orthopaedic surgeons a platform to interact and discuss upon latest developments in field of orthopaedics by conducting seminars, symposiums, discussion, web based learning programs on clinical, surgical and various other topics. It provides a forum to promote intensive training in a broad range of fields pertaining to orthopedics to the post graduate students, concurrently foster personal and professional relations among members. The society actively advocates healthy lifestyle practices and preventive health care by involving the general public

Canara Orthopedic Society's endeavor is to promote research in musculoskeletal disorders so as to benefit the general public by delivering high quality effective care to patients, to constantly encourage the members to practice the art and science of orthopedic surgery